Rather than split up the articles this time out, I’m just going to throw a few things out there…

  • Congratulations to Greg and Ginny Lue for tying the knot in Hawaii back in August! We were with you two in heart and spirit!!!
  • Little Maxwell is one month old today/this Friday! Yay! That, and his lolo finally got to meet him in person!

Lolo and Max

  • Lately Max has been fussy during the night which has made both mommy and daddy tired and testy. Turns out he had a cold. He had his 1 month checkup today — and he’s now 8 lbs, 9 oz and 21″, which puts him in at average weight and really tall (95% percentile) for his age, so he’s going to be a cute, tall, slightly slender boy if the trends hold over time. Ladies of the high school class of 2025, take note! 😉
  • On a related tangent to parental sleepiness, the lyrics to “Stay Up Late” has been going through my head. As a single guy, I thought the song was cute. Now I have a new perspective – David Byrne is just an a-hole. 😉
  • Dave Simpson and Valerie Simpson via the Simpsons Movie website.

Dave Steele Simpson

Valerie Villaraza Steele Simpson