Normally, I don’t blog about work.  That’s because the number one rule of Fight Work Blogging Club is don’t freakin’ talk about Fight Work Blogging Club.  😉

Seriously, folks that blog about seemingly innocuous things at work, especially in a corporate environment — can find themselves out of work.  I don’t have examples, but they aren’t hard to find out there…

  • Those that are too critical about work can find themselves being hated by the PR department.
  • Those that are too evangelistic about their work can often be loved by the PR department, but could run into trouble with accidental disclosure of intellectual property or corporate secrets.

So whenever I mention my work on-line, I try to do so with the strictest of guidelines:

1) Be as freakin’ general as possible.
2) No names.  Period.

All this said, if something has entered the public net-arena that (a) was by corporate design and (b) not posted by me seems to be fair game to share.

So here’s a brief video ABC Go News link on not only my workplace, but if you ever wondered what an automotive sensor company makes (and what it looks like on the floor when making said parts), this video might help answer your curiosity.

I’ve also learned that sadly, this Go News link will only work for PC’s.  I haven’t found a Mac-compatible way to view this video link yet.  So I apologize to the Mac net-surfers, yes – we’re still second class net-citizens.

(That said, if you are a Mac user and DO figure out how to view the video, by all means, post a comment below on how you did it!)

The pitch of the video and why it made the news – as a trend, manufacturing engineering is being moved overseas because it’s cheaper.  That’s a fact.  There’s local interest in our plant by a local congressman because (a) our plant has been around nearly fifty years, (b) turns a profit and (c) “if you can make the financials work, proves the opposite trend, that’s it’s possible to have [manufacturing done here in the States]”.

And yes, they are looking for engineering and IT talent as well if you’re willing to make the drive out to Concord.