It’s been a while.  Having a child does that to a hobby.  🙂

Update on the site coming down the pike: Val and I have been discussing the outlay of the website, and in the future, I may shunt these comic media updates from the mainsite since the mainsite’s focus is for the family updates.   So if these features shift, I’ll be sure to leave a link here so that you faithful readers can continue to follow my randomly written comic book thoughts.

Until then, here’s what I’ve found interesting of late, both on and off the web that is comics related.

Plus… why is this old man so ticked?

Old Man Spidey

Read on, fellow websurfers…!

The Pain, The PAIN… (or alternate title:  “NOT LIKE THIS…!”):  As if the 90s Captain America and FF Roger Corman (pre-movie movie) stories weren’t bad enough, after reading this – I think we have something that effectively beats arguments of the “Worst of the Worst” – this even beats Carrie Fisher singing in the Star Wars Christmas special !!!

And the award goes to Legends of the Superheroes.

Go knock yourselves out, I just… couldn’t sit through it.

So do what I did and check out the hideous summary here

Even the summary makes my inner and outer comic nerd shiver with imagined pain.

Even MORE PAIN… another category for “Potentially Future Even Worse Stuff” — my inner Comic Book Guy is cringing at the thought of this planned media murder of my childhood — they have announced that Tobey Maguire is planning on bringing Robotech to a live action movie screen near you! 

Something tells me they’re going to murder the Macross Story, folks… and that ain’t right!  😦

Random News from the UK:  However, as a counter-balance, here’s something that IS right … eously awesome

Spider-Man foils mugging!!!  (Yes, the old guy in the picture.)

Podcast Mini-Reviews:  I’m really digging the podcasts at Comic Geek Speak  and now I’m trying out Uncanny X-Casts because they have a “Retro Review” section covering the old school books from Issue #1 on up.  At this writing, they’ve caught up to the Dark Phoenix Saga, so I figured it was time to take a listen.

Basically, this quells the urge to do a podcast with Lorin about comics, because folks are already doing it for me. 

So I can just sit back… and just listen during my Alameda-to-Concord commute. 

Ex-cell-ent.  🙂

Actual Comic Book reading:  my reading is substantially reduced of late.  But I’ve been happy with the Essentials I’m reading (borrowed from Lorin) — namely, Marvel Two in One, Volume 2. 

Best story in the bunch so far — Deathlok (basically, the pre-Terminator Terminator for the non-comic folks understanding) is hired to shoot Jimmy Carter and the results are… amusing, especially considering that the punch-line to the story requires color for the full effect, and … it’s Essentials are printed with B&W newspaper print.  🙂

As always, more later… 🙂