I was lucky enough to spend the last two and a half months with Max.  It’s been amazing watching him grow from a tiny little newborn to the big strapping boy he is now nine weeks later.

August 9, 2007

new max

October 6, 2007

fat max

Most of my time has been spent at home, playing with Max, feeding Max, putting Max down to sleep, bathing Max, walking Max around the neighborhood, and changing Max’s diaper when he has a dirty poop butt.  We’ve also had a standing lunch date with Daddy since Max was a month old. 

I have loved every minute that I’ve spent with this amazing little boy, but my most favorite time with him is his mid afternoon nap.  He usually gets sleep around 1:00 pm, and will fall asleep on my chest no matter where we are – the family room downstairs, our office, or most often while I’m rocking him on the glider in our room.

mommy loves max

Mommy loves you Baby Max!