Max turned two months old today!!!

We’re still having a bit of a time with him lately — he’s been fussy. So if you haven’t heard or seen from us parents — we’re working on savoring what sprinkled amounts of interrupted sleep we can find.

That said, being Max’s Mommy and Daddy for the past two months has been a priceless experience we wouldn’t trade for anything. 🙂

Max has had plenty of new visitors — but we haven’t had time to update Maxwell’s House yet — so while we’re working on the update, enjoy these recent pictures of Mister Max…

“Look! I can fly!”

Hummingbird Max

“Barkeep! A round of mom’s milk for the entire bar!”

[Note from Mom: “NO”]


Daddy [Dr. Evil]: “And I shall call him… Mini-Max”!


“Look, Max! Something shiny!”