Dave’s Shows this Season:


Currently enjoying: Chuck, Heroes, Journeyman on NBC, Damages on f/X.

And if you haveta ask why, rather than get into the merits of each one – my advice at the moment would be “just try them, you’ll like them”, with the potential exception of Damages since it’s a murder/legal mystery and those are harder to get into unless you start at the beginning (i.e. pick up the inevitable DVD set).

The latter you’ll like if (a) you like Glenn Close doing a reserved scary lady, (b) Ted Danson getting it on with women or (c) Ted Danson slowly freakin’ out, (d) seeing the SAME dead guy every week… and yes, he’s still dead every week.

Not yet sure about: L&O SVU (it’s popcorn TV at best), Bionic Woman (the SF Chronicle reviewer had it right when he liked Starbuck’s character more than the title character), Las Vegas (Val loves this show – I haven’t fallen in love with it yet but find parts of it funny enough) and lastly, Reaper (which has Ray Wise, aka Leland Palmer, as the devil – it’s kinda like “Buffy Meets Clerks At the Home Depot”).

Waiting for with bated breath for mid-season: Lost, Battlestar Galactica, The Shield, Bones
(I’ve reviewed most of these last season.  They were good then and I’m waiting for them to return…)

Other TV stuff below the tag…

Other TV Tech:
And with a baby, the TiVo isn’t a luxury. It’s a necessity if you hope to watch ANY TV shows with a modicum of some regularity. (And yes, one could argue that perhaps it’s a sign to not watch TV regularly. To that, I say “ppbbbt!”)

Val and I broke down about a month ago and finally got the HD for the TV. For those with the option to take the HD plunge, my take is that it’s worth the extra bucks/month in resolution for shows you know you like that are broadcasted in HD, and if you’re a sports watcher, it’s practically a must.

When you can see steam rising and blades of grass during football plays, it’s pretty darn impressive technology when you do the side-by-side comparison using the same TV as a reference.

Yes, I’d actually go so far as to credit HD with getting me back toward a mild interest in watching sports on TV, which, for this self-described nerd, is actually not a small feat.

The only issue plaguing the Steelaraza TV Household now is that our TiVo is NON-HD, so to cover ourselves we have a HD DVR rental unit from AP&T (Alameda Power and Telcomm) that’s… a DVR. It will save HD programs and the month-to-month on the unit is cheap (about +$6/month).

But it’s just not TiVo. Maybe it’s the non-intuitive user interface, maybe we just miss the cute TiVo noises. But a TiVo HD is insanely expensive ($800?!), and at $6/month, that’s a lotta months to get over missing the friendly smacky-poppy noises of the TiVo.

Course, I could go my mother’s route and get a slingbox and use my desktop as the TiVo.
It’d almost certainly be cheaper, but somehow I dread the thought of my Mac’s unused hard drive space being quickly EATEN by an HD recording, so I’ve mentally nixed the idea… at least, until I get a laptop of my own. 😉