Max had his two month check-up today, and we’re happy to report that he’s doing very well!

He weighed in at 12 lbs, 14 oz, which placed him at the 95th percentile for weight.  For his one month check-up, he was 8 lbs, 9 oz, and in the 50th percentile for weight.

He’s also now 22.75 inches in length, at the 75th percentile.  The one month check-up was 18.5 inches, at the 95th percentile.

Here’s Max with his favorite doctor, Dr. Auntie Ayanna Bennett with Alameda Pediatrics!

two month checkup!

Max also got his first immunization shots today.  This was really tough for me to handle.  He was already confused by the amount of commotion in the room, and then zap – he’s hit with 3 needles in his little fat thighs.  He cried very hard, a cry that I hadn’t heard before, and it broke my heart. 

After the shots were done, I picked him up and rocked him, and cried along with him.  I know it’s for the best, but it breaks my heart to hear my little one so sad.