Iron Fist

First of all, don’t do what my subconscious did and miss the ‘t’ in immortal on the first read.
Otherwise you get a twisted and amusingly but VERY different idea of what this book is about. 😉

Imagine taking a B-list Marvel Hero with a 70s kung-fu past, but add a dash of the recent pop culture craze of Kill Bill and the Matrix and lastly, get some up-and-coming Spanish comic-book artist to draw it.

In the past — the 1970s backstory given to this hero in the past was rather flat – namely, orphaned kid learns magic kung-fu in a Shangri-La setting and then ends up in New York — imagine expanding that to a legacy of over sixty individuals over the history of man and then telling their stories in addition to his…

That’s a good start. I’m really digging the storyline and the art, plus the writer combination of Ed Brubaker (the writer that recently killed off Captain America) and Matt Fraction throw the occasional bone to the old school Power Man and Iron Fist fans by including Luke Cage, Jervyn, and the Daughters of the Dragon as backup cast.

So far – only nine issues and an annual are out, and I gotta say — the writing made me interested in this character when he’s only been a second or third stringer in my mind beforehand, so it’s a good read.  Make sure to read/borrow/steal/purchase a copy of this book which has the first six issues in it to get an idea if this is your sort of thing.

And if that doesn’t grab ya, well, I’m not sure why you’d be reading this article anyway. 😉

Also read:  Essential Marvel Two In One, Volume Two — finished it, and I gotta say — there’s nothing in here that screams “gotta write on the blog about it” (and oops… did it anyways!)… It’s the Thing teaming up with various other characters in the Marvel comic universe… whoo hoo.