Over the last few weeks, we’ve been propping Max up against pillows to prepare him for the day that he will finally be able to sit up.

He seemed to like sitting in the curve of the L-shaped nursing pillow that I used when he was a teeny-tiny baby (but now he’s too big to fit on it comfortably during feedings).



Since the pillow seemed to be working for him, we thought that we might try his Bumbo.


The Bumbo is a great little invention that helps babies prop themselves up right around the time that they’re learning neck control.  Max hates doing Tummy Time, so we were worried that he wasn’t getting enough practice with strengthening his neck muscles.


I Hate Tummy Time!

Turns out, we really didn’t have anything to worry about.  On the first day he sat in his Bumbo, he looked a little confused, but after a few minutes, he seemed to get the hang of it.


Go Max Go!