For Max’s first Halloween, I found this adorable little pumpkin costume from The Children’s Place. I know, I know, a pumpkin isn’t very original, but it was insulated and when I was at the store I thought that he would look very cute in it.

What I wasn’t counting on, however, was the amount of tears that a costume fitting would generate from a little baby. I had tried the costume on him about two weeks before, without much success, so I wanted to try it on him again the day before Halloween to get him used to it.

Here was the result.

costume fitting 1

Unhappy baby = 1

Since Max got so upset with the costume, I thought that I would try something a little less traumatizing.

Hmmm…a little hat, perhaps.

costume fitting 2

No thanks mama…

Oh well…at least I was able to wrangle a few non-crying photos from Max. Here he is with Uncle Lyman.

costume fitting 3

More from Halloween tomorrow!