Today marked Max’s first Halloween, and he was ready to celebrate the spooky holiday!

After his morning bath, he hung out for a while in his “Peek-a-Pooh” onesie while mommy got ready to take him to her weekly mom’s group.

happy halloween 1

(He looks a little chubbs here. He’s definitely not in the 0-3 month size range anymore…)

Max was a very good boy at the mom’s group, considering that he was wearing the pumpkin outfit that had caused such misery the day before. He was one of several pumpkins there, but the only one who was actually wearing his costume. The other little babies sported everything from cute little pumpkin hats to pumpkin themed shirts and pants. A good time was had by all.

Later in the afternoon, we prepared Max for the first annual Bayport Halloween parade and costume contest. Since it was going to be a bit chilly outside, we added the a long-sleeved white shirt and cute little orange comfy pants (thank you auntie lauren and uncle ben!) to his outfit.

He was a vision of pure pumpkin cuteness.

happy halloween 2

Mommy and Max at the Bayport Park parking lot just before the festivities began.

happy halloween 3

It was a lot of activity for Max, so he dozed off a few times during the costume contest and parade.

happy halloween 4

But he was awake to pose for a picture with his good friend Belly the Adorable Butterfly. Belly’s mom and dad were asking Belly to kiss Baby Max on the cheek, and at the last minute Max turned his head and caught her on the lips.

Ack…he’s starting so young! 🙂

happy halloween 5

The costume contest was divided by age, and Max had some stiff competition in the 0-2 year old category. The babies next to us were twins dressed as a chicken and an egg. There was also a family of Teletubbies (mom and pop were dressed up too). As you can see, Max didn’t have his game face on…he just decided to go to sleep amid all the commotion.

happy halloween 6

Max didn’t win the costume contest – the Little Chicken next to us did. We hope the Egg wasn’t too sad. I thought that they both should have won since they were a theme costume – very very cute!

After the costume contest, there was a parade down Jack London Avenue. After the parade, Max was – you guessed it – fast asleep.

happy halloween 7

One of the best things about this halloween get-together is that we had a chance to see how many kids actually live in our neighborhood (our development is only a few years old). On our street alone, there are several little babies in the 0-2 category, so Max is going to have a lot of playmates in the next few years!  They’ll probably all share a lot of classes and teachers at Ruby Bridges Elementary School.

It was really nice to see all of the parents and their kids participating in what we hope will be a yearly event.