November 2007

Happy Thanksgiving!


Today is Max’s first Thanksgiving, and we had a great day!


Max continued his thumbsucking ways, and sat on the sofa happy as a clam.


Most of the day was spent preparing for this afternoon’s dinner.  Lolo had to go to work, so when he came home Lola and Auntie Lyn put the finishing touches on a delicious family dinner.  The only person we were missing was Uncle Lyman.

I love you Uncle Lyman.


I have such great memories of Thanksgiving dinners at our home in San Diego.  We always had a fully stocked table and lots of fun and laughter all around.  I’m looking forward to Max having that as well as he grows up.

Here is the spread that Lola, Auntie Lyn, and Lolo put together.


Mama and Daddy’s contribution was me.  And yes, we know that the Bumbo is not supposed to be on an elevated surface, but we wanted little Max to be a part of the celebration as well.


Auntie Lyn prepared a yummy bird, and Lolo carves a mean turkey!


Lola is all smiles.


Halfway through dinner Max had a mini-meltdown, which turned out to be a call for a diaper change.  After his change he was still crying/screaming, so we figured that he was hungry as well.  Lolo fed him a bottle, and drank about 5 oz. of milk.  No wonder he’s so big!


After dinner, Lolo and Max headed to the living room, and Max fell asleep on Lolo’s chest.  The perfect ending to a great day!


I’m thankful for our family, and know that we are so lucky to be able to celebrate today surrounded by such abundance. 


One of the challenges that Dave and I had whenever Max would cry was trying to figure out what he was crying about.  We’ve been able to identify his “I’m hungry” cry and his “I’m poopy” cry, but we’re still having problems with “I’m gassy,” “I’m irritated” and “I’m tired.”  For the last three, however, popping a pacifier in his mouth seemed to do the trick and sooth him from whatever it was that was bothering him.

The last few nights, however, we’re woken up in the middle of the night to hear a slurping sound coming from Max’s co-sleeper.  When I looked into his bed, he was sucking on his fist!  Then, he moved from his fist to putting his thumb in his mouth.  My son is a thumbsucker!



We’re spending Thanksgiving week in San Diego with my parents.  Since Christmas will be at Villaraza-Steele central this year, we thought that it would be nice to take a trip during Dave’s leave to spend an extended amount of time with Lolo and Lola.

Max was great during our drive down.  It takes about 7 hours to drive from Alameda to San Diego, and we wanted to get home by Sunday evening.  We were planning on leaving by noon, but between Max’s meltdowns and the fact that we had a ton of laundry to finish, we didn’t actually make it out of the Bay Area until around 5:30 pm.

The first part of the trip was relatively uneventful.  Dave drove down the majority of I-5, and we stopped by Route 46 to have a quick dinner at Denny’s.  BTW, try to avoid that Denny’s at all costs.  The food was incredibly greasy, and I’m still kicking myself for eating it.  Max, of course, was asleep the whole time, and we woke up him up briefly to change his diaper and feed him.

When we hit the bottom of the grapevine, Dave and I switched and I took over driving.  I’ve driven through the grapevine a lot, so I was more familiar with the twists and turns of the road.  Dave is the same with Highway 17 between San Jose and Santa Cruz – I refuse to drive through there as it makes me feel nauseous, so he always makes the drive whenever we visit Grandma and Grandpa Steele.

When I drive through LA to go to San Diego, I usually drive down the 405, since it’s the freeway I’m more familiar with.  I would drive home to San Diego every few weeks when I was in college, so at one point I knew the order of the freeway exits by name.  This time, however, I drove down the 5 freeway through LA, and it was actually a decent drive.  I think that it’s more direct, but only during non-commute times.  There are some points where the freeway narrows down to only 2 lanes.

We arrived in San Diego at 2:00 in the morning, so considering that we stopped for about an hour to eat, it ended up taking 7 hours to get home.  Not bad!

I didn’t take any pictures of Max while we were on the road, but the next day he was the picture of happiness.  He played with Lolo and Lola, and showed off his gorgeous little gums.


20071119gummy-max-1.jpg 20071119gummy-max-2.jpg 


Max, Dave and I went to Miss Olivia’s 2nd birthday party today!  Olivia is the beautiful little girl of our friends Angie and Ricky, and is just the cutest little sweetie pie.


We met up with our other friends, Molly and Jeff, and their two little ones, Maddie and Abbie.  I can’t believe that Maddie is already 4 years old! 

Maddie and Olivia are such great friends! 


Max also made a new friend, Alex.  He and his twin brother and older brother were there with their parents, Susan and Bobby, who also went to Morse High School.


Olivia was a gracious little host.  After she opened each of her presents, she walked up to the person who had given it to her, said “thank you” and gave a big hug.  Absolutely precious!

Max had so much fun and was just pooped out by the end of the party.


I’m pooped!

The last time I blogged, I was thinking about attending an anti-war protest with the family. Dave, Max and I did end up going to the protest, and it was definitely an experience for them.

We arrived at the site, the military recruitment center on Davis Street in San Francisco, at 3:20 pm, and didn’t see anyone there. I was a bit worried because all of the other protests I’ve ever attended have had the organizers there at least 15 minutes before the scheduled start time. We even called Ben to ask him to check online in the event it had been canceled.

Ten minutes later, we saw a few folks start to straggle in, and by 3:40, there were about 25 people there. Most of the people were active in the World Can’t Wait organization, but we saw that there were a few others who had heard about it as we had…from either the radio or BART fliers.


On my way to work this morning, I was listening to Green 960 AM (yes, I’ve become a progressive talk-show junkie), and heard about a protest sponsored by the World Can’t Wait folks that is taking place tomorrow in San Francisco.

The World Can’t Wait organization has designated tomorrow, November 16, as an “Orange Alert” day to protest and gather to publicly pledge resistance to a Bush bombing attack on Iran.  WCW is encouraging supporters to wear the color Orange as a sign of solidarity.

My baby looks great in orange.


Now, I haven’t been to a protest in years – maybe since I left UCLA? – and am a much different person from the sign-toting, anti-establishment protester that I was back in college in my beloved UCLA Samahang Pilipino.  But this one caught my attention because it’s in conjunction with the Iraq Moratorium folks.  I’m considering taking Max and Dave out to the event tomorrow afternoon to peacefully join with other Bay Area folks who are protesting both the current war and the one that may be just around the corner.

We’ve gotten so complacent about the government that we have in place, and with another war on the horizon, I want to do what my family and me can do to voice our discontent.  I don’t want Max to grow up in a world where he doesn’t feel that he has the right to question his government, to hold it accountable, and to demand to know why he was born into this world with about $21K in debt. 

Why was I born into a system where I already have tens of thousands in debt?  Please oh please tell me why.


I know that Dave is a bit nervous about bringing Max to an event like this, so hopefully when we report back it will be with photos of Max and Dave’s first public protest against the government.

Daddy, let’s get our butts off the couch and practice our freedom of speech!


So, check out the information online, and if you’re up to it (and it goes well with your skin tone), wear orange tomorrow to show your support of the “Orange Alert” to prevent Bush from bombing Iran.

Remember the 1980s?  Remember music videos?

Those things MTV made before they decided they were a socio-economic force of reality TV?

Well, I do.  And so does my buddy Lorin.  Lorin helped me realize that these wonders that largely reside in our collective memories actually exist in the here and now… out on youtube.

And remember — these things were weird and didn’t make sense in the 1980s, so after 20+ years, they make even LESS sense. 

So far, I’ve found these collective 1980s non-sensical music video wonders that required sharing…


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