One of the developmental activities that we’ve been encouraging Max to do is Tummy Time.

A silly name, yes, but the purpose of TT is to help the baby develop his neck and arm muscles and prepare him to crawl.

Our first attempts with TT were not met with much approval from Max. I didn’t even bother taking photos at that time because within 5 seconds of laying him on his tummy, he would start screaming bloody murder. When you’re choosing between snapping the photo and consoling your crying infant, the latter usually wins out. 🙂

By mid-October, however, Max was beginning to tolerate the TT. Observe…

Oct 10 – Grrr…I’m barely tolerating the Tummy Time

oct 10 tt

But I’m done for the day.

oct 10 tt2

Oct 15 – Mommy may have put me on TT, but I still love her…I think.

oct 15 TT

Oct 17 – Still not a fan of the TT, but if it makes mommy happy, I’ll do it…

oct 17 tt happy

…but not for very long.

oct 17 TT

Oct 31 – I guess this isn’t so bad.

oct 31 TT1

Hey, I kinda like this!

oct 31 TT2

Mommy…are you still there?

oct 31 TT3

Yay Max! We’re glad that Tummy Time is finally growing on you!