Val and I were relatively surprised last Sunday to hear that the Amazing Race was coming back this coming Sunday!

Last I heard it was shoved all the way to February, giving us both some concern for the series, but surprise!  November sweeps need the Amazing Race, so it’s probably a good sign for the series longevity.

I also just read that TAR12 fills the spot that Viva Laughlin lost for trying to repeat the Cop Rock failure.  (It also might be the trend to push reality TV shows in light of the impending writer’s strike, but I’m going with the Viva Laughlin failure…!)  Melanie Griffith’s and Hugh Jackman’s failure is TAR’s success.  HAH! 

I love me some karmic justice, especially since I STILL have Hugh’s “woo woo” song stuck in my noggin

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New changes this season…
1) Val and I are watching TAR in HD.  HD is very potent in two forms – showing off sports and exotic locations with a lot of color.  Since the latter is one of our primary reasons for watching the show, we’re excited about it.

2) They still didn’t pick us.  Fiends!

3) There’s a link at the CBS website that shows the bios for the teams here.   More on my takes of the new racers below….

4) About HALF of the teams come from Southern California, but there isn’t a single team from the Northern California region.  I tend to favor a more diverse “across America” demographic for my favorite Amazing Races, so going nearly half “SoCal” with the entire cast does concern me a bit.

5) No All-Stars!  So supposedly we’ll get genuine people this time out!  (cue canned laughter)

6) I hereby promise NOT TO READ ANY AMAZING RACE 12 SPOILERS!  (They were dead-on accurate last season for last season’s All-Stars Edition, and it definitely took away something for me.  At least I learned from my New Zealand Cheers experience NOT TO SHARE that information with Val until the season was OVER.))

Team Bio Two Cents prior to the season premeire:
1) Okay, the goth team is already annoying to me after reading their bio.  Pronouncing “Kynt” without hearing it first may be … uh, dangerous.

2) The LA Blondes…ugh.  Just… no.  Eyes bleeding.  Make it stop!

3) Married lesbian ministers with families?  TAR Casting hit the gay, religious, the California and the struggling back-family demographic in ONE couple, folks.  Somebody needs a raise!  I can almost visualize the Scanners-like exploding heads over this couple in various parts of the country.

4) An engineering brother sister team.  Uh… this oughtta be good.  Based on my own personal experience — you can’t get two engineers to agree on ANYTHING… I suspect some reality TV manufactured drama approaching, with the opposing factor hat since they are engineers, their arguments could still amount to being very boring.  😉

5) There’s also 2 to 3 couples “trying to figure out if they should be together!”  And as we know from watching this show many seasons — traveling overseas in foreign countries is NOT the way to do this!  By the time we scream “Get therapy!” at our screens, it’s actually 2-3 months later for those folks…

Or as I read elsewhere on one of the TAR forums… “History shows us that using the Race as a litmus test for your relationship is like testing yourself for diabetes by eating 40 Hershey bars”

6)  And lastly, speaking as a man who is comfortably and happily married… Marianna and JuliaHOT!

(Val has plenty of her own TV and movie boyfriends, one of whom we can half-thank for bringing TAR back sooner than expected, so I think I’m still relatively safe confessing this.)  😉

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So this Sunday, November 4th, 8 pm!  Set your TiVos, folks, and argue with your fellow watchers over which Detour to take or who will do the RoadBlocks…!  🙂