I meant to post these photos a while back when we first received these blocks.  A few weeks ago, I ordered the Mind Shape Blocks for Max since we didn’t have a lot of the high-contrast toys that all of the baby books, websites, and magazines encourage for infant development.  As a new mom, I felt a little bad that my boy didn’t have many black and white toys, and actually worried for a little bit that his development would be a bit delayed because of this.


When I finally got the blocks out of the box, I placed them in front of Max and he didn’t appear to think that they were anything special.  There are three blocks – a cube, a pyramid, and a sphere.  All of them make little rattling noises, except for the sphere, which makes a nice little crinkle noise.

Max seemed to be more interested in the sides with the baby, cat, and Red Foxx (my favorite). 

So, with our new gadgets at home – the bumbo and the blocks – I went a little camera crazy.  Here are the results:

Cube with the Baby and orange fuzzies…


Pyramid with UCLA blue and yellow colors (Go Baby Bruin!) and Red Foxx


Crinkle sphere with the cat


I love watching Max’s reaction to each of the items as I’m describing them.  He’s started babbling more, so we actually get a lot more playime mileage from the “Baby” block.