One of the things that Dave and I always did before Max came along was eat out at restaurants.  I’m not much of a cook, so after a long day at the office, the last thing that either one of us wanted to do was fire up the grill or stove and cook.  Not too surprisingly, we were worried that once Max came along, the transition from being frequent diners to stay-at-home cooks would be too stressful on both of us. 

One night at one of our favorite greasy spoons, Ole’s on Park St. in Alameda, we met a nice family with a toddler girl and baby in tow.  I was about 8 months pregnant, so the couple started chatting with us about how exciting this time is.  The one thing that I do remember them saying, however, was that the baby should be a great addition to our lives, but not change our lives completely.  They said that they used to always go out to eat before their first daughter, and that it was important for them to maintain that part of their lives to keep their sanity.

So, as a family, they now make it a point to go out eat a few times a week and bring their daughter and baby with them.  The mom said that being exposed to all of the noises and smells from different places were exciting for the baby when awake, and didn’t bother her when she went to sleep. 

We took their advice to heart, and have taken Max out several times to restaurants in both Alameda and outside our little town.  It’s hard to go back to some of the places that we used to frequent because they’re not as baby-friendly as I’d like, but there are still a lot of options out there.

Who knows, maybe Max will become a food critic when he grows up.

August 21: Max’s very first outing at Chevy’s in Fremont.  We also bought our new car that day.


August 30: Visiting Daddy in Concord.  We had lunch at Mimi’s Cafe.


September 9: With Lola at BJ’s Pizza in San Mateo.  We watched the Chargers beat the Bears here.


September 15: Mommy and I had lunch with Daddy again.  This time at La Tapatia in Concord.  It’s not San Diego Mexican food, but it’s still pretty darn good.


September 21: See, I told you La Tapatia was good.  Mommy and I visited Daddy during his lunch break and we came back!


September 28: This is my Auntie Ayanna, who is also my pediatrician!  It was her birthday, so mommy and I took her out to Dragon Rouge in Alameda!


September 29: Grandma came to visit me, and we had lunch at East Ocean Seafood.  Afterwards, we went to the Alameda Towne Centre and had yummy ice cream at Loard’s.


October 4: Mommy and I had a standing lunch date with Daddy in Concord at least once a week.  This week we went to Manila BBQ.


October 6: Mommy and Daddy had a pretty busy day shopping for things for me, so we had an early dinner at Texas Roadhouse BBQ in Union City.


October 11: Daddy likes the grilled cheese sandwiches at Mimi’s!  He also likes to smooch me on the cheek!


October 13: Mommy, Daddy and I drove to San Jose to show Auntie Naomi a few condos.  We had lunch at China Stix.


October 19: Mommy and I had our weekly lunch date with Daddy at Country Waffles.  The waitresses liked me a lot.


October 24: We’re at La Tapatia again!  Daddy likes it here too.


October 26: My first trip to Ole’s Waffles in Alameda.  Mommy said that she and Daddy came here all the time before I was born.


November 1: I met my Auntie Lily Ann today.  We went to Starbucks in Walnut Creek after lunch at…you guessed it…La Tapatia.


November 2: My Ninang Katrina came to visit me today, and we went to BJ’s Pizza in San Mateo. 


November 3: Daddy is on paternity leave this month – yay!  Mommy still gets weird cravings, so this was actually our second time this week at Dragon Rouge.  But I’m not complaining – their food is yummy!


November 5: We had lunch with Ninang Kristin at a Hawaiian BBQ place near the new Nob Hill Foods.  Mommy thought that it was alright, and didn’t care much for the Kalua pork that Daddy ordered.


Max’s culinary travels…to be continued.  Now if we can only find a good baby-friendly tapas place!