Max has started to babble a lot more in the last few weeks, and he’s making some of the most beautiful sounds that we’ve ever heard.  Of course, what parent doesn’t think that their kid is the next great orator/opera singer. 

When he first started, he made the cutest little coo-ing sounds.  At first they were just little burbles and gurgles, but then he said “ah-goo”, which we thought was adorable.  He repeated “ah-goo” several times, especially when we would prompt him, and added “uh-oh” and “ba-ba” to his growing vocabulary.  He’s even said “ma ma ma ma” in the midst of crying tantrums when he’s hungry and daddy didn’t know what to make of it.

Now, he’s at a stage where he’s babbling more and more, and creating new words everyday.  Here are a couple of shots of him caught in the act.

First he starts out looking a little bored…


Then he starts his song.  I’ve got the world on a string…


And I’m sitting on a rainbow…


Hey, did you hear my song?  What did you think?