Remember the 1980s?  Remember music videos?

Those things MTV made before they decided they were a socio-economic force of reality TV?

Well, I do.  And so does my buddy Lorin.  Lorin helped me realize that these wonders that largely reside in our collective memories actually exist in the here and now… out on youtube.

And remember — these things were weird and didn’t make sense in the 1980s, so after 20+ years, they make even LESS sense. 

So far, I’ve found these collective 1980s non-sensical music video wonders that required sharing…

ABC’s Look of Love

The costuming and backgrounds make this one that stands out…

Level 42:  Lessons in Love

Love the silly and dated 3-D backgrounds!

Animotion – Obsession

For the folks that remember those bizarre perfume commericals — here’s a video capturing that same vibe…

Here’s the video that started our quest for silliest 80s video of all time.  I remembered this video because it demonstrated the idea that not all music stars were video savvy. 

Hall and Oates was a decent rock group in the 1970s, but their early forays into the video world were… a little odd.  Both Hall and Oates mug the camera so much in this video of “You Make My Dreams Come True” that I’m surprised the camera wasn’t knocked off its tripod! 

However, after trying to stump each other — we couldn’t find anything that captured the essence of the non-sensical 80s video more than this one… a parody of the previous video!

More to follow on this as I find these wonderful netgems…but for now… check THIS out (with spoilers in invisotext — highlight to see the spoiler…):

You’ve been “rick rolled“!!! Google or Wiki search on “Rick Astley” for more on what that’s all about… 🙂