On my way to work this morning, I was listening to Green 960 AM (yes, I’ve become a progressive talk-show junkie), and heard about a protest sponsored by the World Can’t Wait folks that is taking place tomorrow in San Francisco.

The World Can’t Wait organization has designated tomorrow, November 16, as an “Orange Alert” day to protest and gather to publicly pledge resistance to a Bush bombing attack on Iran.  WCW is encouraging supporters to wear the color Orange as a sign of solidarity.

My baby looks great in orange.


Now, I haven’t been to a protest in years – maybe since I left UCLA? – and am a much different person from the sign-toting, anti-establishment protester that I was back in college in my beloved UCLA Samahang Pilipino.  But this one caught my attention because it’s in conjunction with the Iraq Moratorium folks.  I’m considering taking Max and Dave out to the event tomorrow afternoon to peacefully join with other Bay Area folks who are protesting both the current war and the one that may be just around the corner.

We’ve gotten so complacent about the government that we have in place, and with another war on the horizon, I want to do what my family and me can do to voice our discontent.  I don’t want Max to grow up in a world where he doesn’t feel that he has the right to question his government, to hold it accountable, and to demand to know why he was born into this world with about $21K in debt. 

Why was I born into a system where I already have tens of thousands in debt?  Please oh please tell me why.


I know that Dave is a bit nervous about bringing Max to an event like this, so hopefully when we report back it will be with photos of Max and Dave’s first public protest against the government.

Daddy, let’s get our butts off the couch and practice our freedom of speech!


So, check out the information online, and if you’re up to it (and it goes well with your skin tone), wear orange tomorrow to show your support of the “Orange Alert” to prevent Bush from bombing Iran.