Max, Dave and I went to Miss Olivia’s 2nd birthday party today!  Olivia is the beautiful little girl of our friends Angie and Ricky, and is just the cutest little sweetie pie.


We met up with our other friends, Molly and Jeff, and their two little ones, Maddie and Abbie.  I can’t believe that Maddie is already 4 years old! 

Maddie and Olivia are such great friends! 


Max also made a new friend, Alex.  He and his twin brother and older brother were there with their parents, Susan and Bobby, who also went to Morse High School.


Olivia was a gracious little host.  After she opened each of her presents, she walked up to the person who had given it to her, said “thank you” and gave a big hug.  Absolutely precious!

Max had so much fun and was just pooped out by the end of the party.


I’m pooped!