We’re spending Thanksgiving week in San Diego with my parents.  Since Christmas will be at Villaraza-Steele central this year, we thought that it would be nice to take a trip during Dave’s leave to spend an extended amount of time with Lolo and Lola.

Max was great during our drive down.  It takes about 7 hours to drive from Alameda to San Diego, and we wanted to get home by Sunday evening.  We were planning on leaving by noon, but between Max’s meltdowns and the fact that we had a ton of laundry to finish, we didn’t actually make it out of the Bay Area until around 5:30 pm.

The first part of the trip was relatively uneventful.  Dave drove down the majority of I-5, and we stopped by Route 46 to have a quick dinner at Denny’s.  BTW, try to avoid that Denny’s at all costs.  The food was incredibly greasy, and I’m still kicking myself for eating it.  Max, of course, was asleep the whole time, and we woke up him up briefly to change his diaper and feed him.

When we hit the bottom of the grapevine, Dave and I switched and I took over driving.  I’ve driven through the grapevine a lot, so I was more familiar with the twists and turns of the road.  Dave is the same with Highway 17 between San Jose and Santa Cruz – I refuse to drive through there as it makes me feel nauseous, so he always makes the drive whenever we visit Grandma and Grandpa Steele.

When I drive through LA to go to San Diego, I usually drive down the 405, since it’s the freeway I’m more familiar with.  I would drive home to San Diego every few weeks when I was in college, so at one point I knew the order of the freeway exits by name.  This time, however, I drove down the 5 freeway through LA, and it was actually a decent drive.  I think that it’s more direct, but only during non-commute times.  There are some points where the freeway narrows down to only 2 lanes.

We arrived in San Diego at 2:00 in the morning, so considering that we stopped for about an hour to eat, it ended up taking 7 hours to get home.  Not bad!

I didn’t take any pictures of Max while we were on the road, but the next day he was the picture of happiness.  He played with Lolo and Lola, and showed off his gorgeous little gums.


20071119gummy-max-1.jpg 20071119gummy-max-2.jpg