Happy Thanksgiving!


Today is Max’s first Thanksgiving, and we had a great day!


Max continued his thumbsucking ways, and sat on the sofa happy as a clam.


Most of the day was spent preparing for this afternoon’s dinner.  Lolo had to go to work, so when he came home Lola and Auntie Lyn put the finishing touches on a delicious family dinner.  The only person we were missing was Uncle Lyman.

I love you Uncle Lyman.


I have such great memories of Thanksgiving dinners at our home in San Diego.  We always had a fully stocked table and lots of fun and laughter all around.  I’m looking forward to Max having that as well as he grows up.

Here is the spread that Lola, Auntie Lyn, and Lolo put together.


Mama and Daddy’s contribution was me.  And yes, we know that the Bumbo is not supposed to be on an elevated surface, but we wanted little Max to be a part of the celebration as well.


Auntie Lyn prepared a yummy bird, and Lolo carves a mean turkey!


Lola is all smiles.


Halfway through dinner Max had a mini-meltdown, which turned out to be a call for a diaper change.  After his change he was still crying/screaming, so we figured that he was hungry as well.  Lolo fed him a bottle, and drank about 5 oz. of milk.  No wonder he’s so big!


After dinner, Lolo and Max headed to the living room, and Max fell asleep on Lolo’s chest.  The perfect ending to a great day!


I’m thankful for our family, and know that we are so lucky to be able to celebrate today surrounded by such abundance.