December 2007

So right now, Max, Mom and Dad are all sick.

We all got hit with a cold virus that is refusing to go away… we’ve had it since just before Christmas, and now in addition to our colds, despite our frequent use of Purell every ten minutes… Max is starting to run a mild fever too.

We’ve been in touch with the doctor on call, but now that Dr. Benett’s back, we’re going to take him in today to see if we can make him better… 😦

Happy Holidays, everybody…honk!

(/blows nose into tissue)


Five years ago today I met a beautiful woman, and she changed my life forever.

From the get-go, I knew this one was special. After all, she was cute, smart, and not only shared my love of karaoke, but unlike me, she could actually SING.

Ever since that fateful day, December 21st, 2002, my life has been blessed beyond anything I thought possible, especially on December 20th, 2002.

(more tag added to spare the rest of you from a Sappy Dave moment)


Thank you so much to Molly who sent us this great link!

If you’ve ever wondered what Dave, Max and I might look like as hip, dancing elves, then take a look here!

Ho ho ho!

As a kid, going out to any number of the cool places in San Diego didn’t really interest me much.  I always figured that I would have time to visit it later, at some unknown time in the future.  The San Diego Zoo, Seaport Village, downtown San Diego, Balboa Park, Old Town…these are all places that San Diego is known around the world for, but were merely just places to go one day down the road.

Now, Sea World is not on that list because I actually did spend quite a bit of time there.  I worked at the Candy Shop/Bakery near the park’s exit.  “Would you like that in a bag?”

I moved away from San Diego when I was a few months shy of my 18th birtohday to go to school in Los Angeles.  When I left, I had no idea that I would never be a full-time San Diego resident again, but as I lived longer and longer in Los Angeles, I just couldn’t picture myself living back in San Diego again.  At that time, moving home to San Diego seemed like a move backwards, and all I wanted to do was move forward.

Hence, my move to the Bay Area in 1999, right after law school graduation.

Now, however, whenever I go back home to San Diego with Dave, and on our last trip with Max, I actually can picture living there again.  San Diego is a beautiful city, with so much to see and do.  There has definitely been a lot of growth in the part of the city that we live in, with new home communities and commercial areas all around, so much so that I feel like my little part of San Diego has finally caught up with the rest of the city. 

But I digress.

This past trip home, my family went to visit Balboa Park.  We only had time to walk around and weren’t able to visit the museums, but we had so much fun just hanging out with my mom, dad and sister Lyn.

Here’s our gang in the International Houses section of the park.

20071124balboa-parkfamily.jpg (more…)

So while Valerie wasn’t ready to make bacon chocolate chip cookies, our buddy Lauren decided to take the cookie challenge and made a batch.

Reviews among the group were mixed. Valerie still thought it was “just not right”, but had to agree that the after-taste was unique. 

Me, I loved ‘em! 

The mix of salt and sugar once again was quite tasty…Yummy!

But what I’m still curious about is that Lauren’s husband Ben took a batch of these to his workplace, so I’m curious what the larger group consensus was on the experimental cookie…

The Steelaraza family hereby honors Lauren’s experimental and adventurous cooking! 

Thanks, Lauren! 🙂

No more comic book posts (more on that when “it’s ready”), but yes, I’m still subjecting you all to my occasionally interesting webfinds, so for the folks waiting for the next Max post, just deal.  🙂

(As an aside, yes, Max IS exactly four months old today.  Yay, Maxwell!)

So here’s the scoop:  I saw this recipe for “Bacon Chocolate Chip Cookies” and simply had to share it with you all.

I’m one of those folks that like salt and sugar in the same instance, so I thought “Hmm.  That is actually something I haven’t tasted yet, but could actually be pretty good!”

So I have to share this recipe in future hopes that I may taste these someday, since there’s no guarantee Val would go for this… and my culinary skills are definitely sub-par.  J