As a kid, going out to any number of the cool places in San Diego didn’t really interest me much.  I always figured that I would have time to visit it later, at some unknown time in the future.  The San Diego Zoo, Seaport Village, downtown San Diego, Balboa Park, Old Town…these are all places that San Diego is known around the world for, but were merely just places to go one day down the road.

Now, Sea World is not on that list because I actually did spend quite a bit of time there.  I worked at the Candy Shop/Bakery near the park’s exit.  “Would you like that in a bag?”

I moved away from San Diego when I was a few months shy of my 18th birtohday to go to school in Los Angeles.  When I left, I had no idea that I would never be a full-time San Diego resident again, but as I lived longer and longer in Los Angeles, I just couldn’t picture myself living back in San Diego again.  At that time, moving home to San Diego seemed like a move backwards, and all I wanted to do was move forward.

Hence, my move to the Bay Area in 1999, right after law school graduation.

Now, however, whenever I go back home to San Diego with Dave, and on our last trip with Max, I actually can picture living there again.  San Diego is a beautiful city, with so much to see and do.  There has definitely been a lot of growth in the part of the city that we live in, with new home communities and commercial areas all around, so much so that I feel like my little part of San Diego has finally caught up with the rest of the city. 

But I digress.

This past trip home, my family went to visit Balboa Park.  We only had time to walk around and weren’t able to visit the museums, but we had so much fun just hanging out with my mom, dad and sister Lyn.

Here’s our gang in the International Houses section of the park.


Lolo and Lola loved pushing Max around.  This is us near the San Diego Art Museum (which always seems to be under construction – I remember that it was that way when I was still in 5th grade!).


Max was happy as a clam being pushed around by Lolo.


We walked to the Botanical Gardens.  This is the koi pond across from the Prado Restaurant, one of San Diego’s best.  My best friend Sharon had her fantabulous wedding reception here.  See the Prado on one side…


and the Botanical Gardens on the other!


Max did start to get hungry, so Auntie Lyn fed him a bottle of yummy milk.


One of my favorite places in Balboa Park has always been the International Houses.  In homage to Max’s mixed heritage, we took a photo near the Irish house (and the Scottish one, but the photo didn’t turn out well)…


and the Philippines house.


You’ll have to ask Dave about the pine cone story.  For those in the know, this picture is pretty frickin’ funny. 🙂


Like I said, Lolo loved pushing Max around.  This is on the pedestrian street near the photography museum.


I’ve always loved this fountain.  It’s near the science museum, and on the day we visited, a street performer was playing the saxophone.


My parents don’t go out very often, so I’m so glad that we were able to spend some time together as a family!


I’ll always love San Diego, but for now, Alameda is our home.