January 2008


I am so sad about John Edwards’ decision to drop out of the presidential race today. I’m actually quite shocked because I thought that he would have stayed in the race until Super Tuesday, where 22 states were up for grabs. While he probably didn’t stand much of a chance with many of those states, he still had the opportunity to gain delegates for the caucuses.

I found out the other day that he had an event scheduled in San Jose this Friday, and was planning on taking Max and my mom to see him speak. I’ve never been compelled by any presidential candidate enough to actually take the time to try to see them in person, and since we’re in California we usually don’t get many candidates visiting our state because of our late primaries. But this primary has changed that – we’re seeing ads on TV, events are planned throughout the state. It’s great to see that we’re actually being catered to.

I was also really looking forward to Super Tuesday because I actually had a candidate that I could vote for enthusiastically and wholeheartedly.

So, thank you John Edwards for giving me hope and having the courage to run at this time. I know that we will see more of you in the future and I look forward to it.


Here is the speech that he made today. (more…)


Max is almost 6 months old, and it’s been funny to watch how his reflexes have developed over time. When he was a brand new baby, he did all of the standard newborn reflex responses. They were oftentimes very sweet and soft movements, like turning his head when we stroked his cheek, making a crawling motion when placed on his tummy, or moving his feet in a walking motion when we held him up. The funniest reflex was the Moro reflex, which he would do when he felt like he was falling. This would happen sometimes when we put him down in his basinette or co-sleeper, right before he nodded off to sleep.

Now that he’s a little older, we’re seeing that he’s outgrown most of the newborn reflexes. He still does the “crazy eyes” look when he’s surprised. I have a picture of it on our camera at home, and will upload it when I download the photos.

My new favorite one is perhaps not a reflex at all, but just Max discovering his hands and feet and trying to maintain control over them. These are developmental markers which he is supposed to meet, and so far it looks like he’s doing that.

I’ve also caught him flipping us off, unintentionally of course (I hope), but it still makes for a funny photo.


Here are a few more pics of Max’s “developmental” milestones.

He’s playing with his tongue a lot more and babbling…


…grabbing his feet and turning to his side…


…and of course, sucking on his favorite finger – his thumb.


Well, not really…it’s more like smashed peas and smushed carrots.

Max has definitely been enjoying his new culinary repertoire. We introduced him to rice cereal on the new year, which he took to like a fish. With that success, we started him on the “yellows”, including sweet potatoes, which he loved, and carrots, which I think he loved.

Basically, our strategy is to introduce him to a new vegetable each week for the first 6 weeks, and then move on to fruits sometime in mid-February. We gave him peas a few times, which he seemed to really enjoy, but then I read in the What to Expect the First Year book to hold off on peas as a first food.

Instead, we’ve added green beans to Max’s diet, and while he’s not loving it as much as the orange foods, he still likes it much more than just plain rice cereal.


I’m going to see if I can find pureed squash at the supermarket to give him. My mom mentions it at least once a day as a food that I really enjoyed as a baby, so maybe my son’s tastes will go the same w ay.

He’s also eating 3 “meals” a day – (1) rice cereal in the morning, (2) 1/2 a jar of a veggie and rice cereal for lunch, and (3) 1/2 to a whole jar of veggies for dinner, with rice cereal afterwards if he’s still hungry. And, of course, he’s having his mama’s milk for snackies and fussy times. He usually has milk first thing in the morning, mid-morning, an hour after lunch, an hour before dinner, and then at bedtime. My Medela pump is definitely getting a workout!

I have thought about making Max food at home, which I’m sure in the long run would be more affordable, but between our busy work week, weekend social and family commitments, cleaning the house, and meeting up with clients on the weekends, I figure for that the few spare hours (if that) that we have, I’ll just spend playing with Max. But, it’s definitely something I wish I had more time for – who doesn’t want to boil various veggies, smash them up and strain them, and then find new and creative ways store small amounts of them? 🙂

And just to show you all how happy Max is after a meal, this is our after-dinner reward every night.


We love you Max!

… and Peanut is at it again!

 Peanut Hammah Time!

Note:  blatantly (ahem!)… borrowed from the icanhascheezburger.com folks…

I was going through my emails this morning when I came across these two photos.

When I was still on maternity leave, Max and I would drive out to Concord to have lunch every Thursday with Daddy.  (Man, I look tore up in this picture! Hee.)

This is Max at about two months (October), taken by Dave’s co-worker Denise. We hope that we get to take Max out there again soon to catch up with Denise and Dave’s other Systron Donner co-workers! 🙂



All of the haters are saying that our beloved San Diego Chargers don’t stand a snowball’s chance in h$&*% of winning against the Patriots today, but what they don’t know is that the Chargers have the best secret weapon in the world! (more…)

Lolo Manny is visiting us for the week, and he is just tickled pink (or a rosy shade of brown) at how big Max has gotten.  Thank you Lolo and Lola!


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