Dave – still fighting the remnants of a cold virus and limiting his exposure to his coworkers. Blaurgh, indeed.

Val – also fighting a virus, but not the SAME virus as Dave. Hopefully she should be back to work soon enough.

Max – quietly sleeping last I checked with Lola. Healthy and happy unlike his parents.

Max turned five months old on Monday! Quite talkative of late when excited and can flip over from back to front providing he figures out what to do with his head.

By request — recent Max pictures!

Max is a cute kid (yes, I’m biased!) Max Is Cute with Spoon! Max Blair Witch Project

Peanut – entered the Matrix and last I checked input6 on the Sony TV he was exchanging bullet-time gunfire with Hugo Weaving — here’s a screenshot of the epic battle…

Matrix Peanut

Snickers – staying out of trouble, hopefully.

Lola Villaraza – here at Steelaraza Central helping out with Max and Mommy, thank heaven! 🙂