I meant to post these photos after Thanksgiving, but…well, you know. Time just escapes you, and before you know it it’s January 19.

On our way back home from San Diego, we stopped in Los Angeles to visit one of my favorite lunch spots in college, Feast from the East. This was a favorite place to stop on the way from a long day at school, as they have an AMAZING Chinese Chicken Salad. Another favorite was their sesame chicken drummettes, or fried rice and tofu if the weather was cold.

So I bring this up because after our delicious meal, we stopped by my beloved alma mater, UCLA! I have been wanting to show Dave where I spent the better part of the 1990’s – and for him to see what an amazingly beautiful campus we have. I was an undergrad there from 1991-1996, and attended UCLAw from 1996-1999. Here is a short retrospective of our walk with Max.

We parked in Lot 6 near the heart of campus – at the bottom of Bruin Walk. We walked through the student’s store and ended up on the 2nd floor of Kerckhoff Hall – the shortcut to avoid actually walking up Bruin Walk. Being in the halls of Kerckhoff brought back so many fond memories of hanging out in Kerckhoff 409 – the Samahang office. I think that they’re in a different room now, but hopefully still on the same floor.

Here are Max and I right outside of Kerckhoff, near the top of Bruin Walk.


When I was in school, Bruin Walk was just an asphalt mess, but they’ve since put in concrete bordered by this really pretty brick. It goes very well with the traditional brick look of the North Campus quad. Here is the view at the top of Bruin Walk, close to Dickson Plaza.


When you reach Dickson Plaza, you are flanked by four amazingly beautiful buildings – Royce Hall, Powell Library, Haines Hall, and Kinsey Hall. I think that they’ve since changed Kinsey to the Humanities building.

This is Royce Hall, one of the prettiest buildings on campus. It’s a performance hall, so there aren’t many classes held there. We had the good fortune to perform there several times, as well as have Pilipino Graduation there.


Dave in front of Royce Hall, close to Powell Library.


This is Powell Library, which is across the quad from Royce Hall.


Janss Steps are at one end of Dickson Quad, and lead down to Men’s and Women’s Gym. In the 90’s, there was a lot of retrofitting construction done to the brick buildings, and Powell Library was closed for most of the my college years. There was a huge aluminum structure in that large lawn at the bottom of the steps that served as the temporary home of the library. It was a huge eyesore…I think that it was called Towell Library.


From Dickson Quad, we walked towards the law school. This is the walkway near Schoenberg Hall, which is where the music and ethnomusiclogy departments are. I took a very cool jazz class my last year which was taught by a jazz legend, Gerald Wilson.


Here is the front of UCLA Law, where I spent the latter part of the 1990’s. While not the most enjoyable time of my life, I did make some incredibly amazing friends whom I love and adore to this day.

Continuing with the construction theme, the law school library was temporarily housed at the public policy building to the north of campus. During the middle of my second year, they opened the absolutely gorgeous law school library.


(Notice how Max is pointing his arms towards the law school…hee!)

After we walked to the law school, we decided to head back to our car so that we could make our way back home. It was getting close to 4:00 pm, and the realization that we had a 6 hour drive ahead of us was making us nervous.

This is Dave running out of Kerckhoff Hall…


And of course, since it was Beat ‘SC week, we weren’t able to take a picture near the Bruin Bear. This is the best we could do. (And unfortunately, we lost to USC this year…bah!)


It was a nice little trip down memory lane. Maybe it will be one of the places that Max considers for college. He’s off to a good start!


Eight clap!!! U (clap clap clap), C (clap clap clap), LLLLLLL (clap clap clap), A (clap clap clap), U C L A fight fight fight!