We had a very low-key new year’s celebration this year. I had been wanting to make these yummy fried chicken sandwiches with the recipe from Bake Sale Betty’s in Oakland. It’s a relatively simple recipe – my only mistake was on a 2nd batch of chicken – I didn’t wait for the oil to heat to 350 again, and it took a little longer to cook.


The happy recipient of my culinary effort was my sweetie Dave, and we celebrated new year with a pre-midnight chicken sandwich, followed by an apple cider toast at midnight.


Max looked like he wanted some fried chicken also…


After we ate, he got some hugs and kissies from mama…


And we took our first family photo of the new year at midnight.


Unfortunately, Max couldn’t wait that long, so we just gave him a Happy New Year smooch and left him in la-la land.


Happy 2008 everyone! We hope that you all have a happy, healthy and prosperous year!