So, I haven’t been keeping up with our blog like I’ve been telling myself like I would. And the thought of trying to recreate everything since my last post just seems sssssssooooooo overwhelming.

As Dave mentioned, we had a great first Christmas with Max, Auntie Paige, and Mom & Dad Steele. Max gots lots of swag, and a great start to his college fund thanks to Grandpa and Grandma. Thank you grandma and grandpa!!!  Auntie Paige made him this really cool name plate out of dinosaurs, which matches perfectly with the dino theme in his bedroom.

While the day ended on a great note, Max and Dave were still sick, so Max’s day started off with a sad face.


We were able to get his spirits up after a morning of playtime, so by mid-morning he was all smiles…


We spent the day eating prime rib, ham, and all of the fixin’s.


Max’s good friend Belly and her mom and dad visited us as well, and we all exchanged presents. It will be fun to watch Max and Bells when they’re actually old enough to play with each other. Bells picked out this very cute shirt for Max for Christmas – Thank you Bells!


Belated Merry Christmas everyone!