Max is almost 6 months old, and it’s been funny to watch how his reflexes have developed over time. When he was a brand new baby, he did all of the standard newborn reflex responses. They were oftentimes very sweet and soft movements, like turning his head when we stroked his cheek, making a crawling motion when placed on his tummy, or moving his feet in a walking motion when we held him up. The funniest reflex was the Moro reflex, which he would do when he felt like he was falling. This would happen sometimes when we put him down in his basinette or co-sleeper, right before he nodded off to sleep.

Now that he’s a little older, we’re seeing that he’s outgrown most of the newborn reflexes. He still does the “crazy eyes” look when he’s surprised. I have a picture of it on our camera at home, and will upload it when I download the photos.

My new favorite one is perhaps not a reflex at all, but just Max discovering his hands and feet and trying to maintain control over them. These are developmental markers which he is supposed to meet, and so far it looks like he’s doing that.

I’ve also caught him flipping us off, unintentionally of course (I hope), but it still makes for a funny photo.


Here are a few more pics of Max’s “developmental” milestones.

He’s playing with his tongue a lot more and babbling…


…grabbing his feet and turning to his side…


…and of course, sucking on his favorite finger – his thumb.