February 2008

Okay, so it’s a “sneak” Dave’s Webfind of the Week, but I thought I’d go with Val’s tagline. 

 (That’s right — VAL wrote that article!  I do NOT have tickets on the Ben/Matt love train!) 

So… apparently someone on the net has taken “Garfield” comics and edited Garfield out of the strip.

And strangely enough, the comic strip still works, but it’s more of a study of Jon’s psychosis rather than anything else.  It’s disturbingly funny.

Check it out here.


I have been on the Matt Damon/Ben Affleck love train ever since the Good Will Hunting days, and while that love has ebbed and flowed over the years, it looks like, at the very least, it has caught on.

The back story to this is that Sarah Silverman did this video for Jimmy Kimmel on his birthday. Now, I am definitely not a Sarah Silverman fan, but this was high-larious.

Fast forward about 2 weeks. Today, Dave sent me this link of Jimmy’s response. I love the fact that Huey Lewis, Don Cheadle and Harrison Ford are all in it.


Disclaimer: While the foul language is bleeped out, it still may not be appropriate viewing for fuddy duddies and little kids.

Nope, we haven’t forgotten you all! J

It’s just been a busy set of weeks and weekends here at the Steelaraza household. By now, some of you know what happened over the past couple of weeks:

(1) Val fell down the stairs and wrenched her back. She was lying flat for a week or so, and now she’s “mostly okay”.

(2) During a 4-day trip to San Diego, while driving through LA’s 405 (I still refuse to type “THE” 405, I’m still a Northern Californian at heart) at a decent speed (about 60-70 mph) we got hit from behind. The jolt wasn’t hard (thank physics for that) and we didn’t spin out or crash (again, thank physics and the lack of rain for that). The driver in a white small SUV kept swerving and speeding, refusing our “light and honk” request to pull over to the side, so we called 911 – reported the license to the 911 dispatch, pulled off the highway and waited for about two hours for the CHP to show up and get our statement. We got an extra treat – the CHP that stopped actually wasn’t for us (but they graciously took our report anyway!), but to pull a(nother?) drunk driver off the road. They tested and cuffed him. Good!

(3) In both (1) and (2), Max was also involved and not hurt, damaged or otherwise affected by all of the craziness. He’s a lucky, durable, loveable and unflappable little boy. J

(4) Val and my online time lately has been focused on facebook. It’s basically like an “invite-only” version of friendster (i.e. only people you invite can see your full profile), but it also has these “application widgets” you can play with as well. There are now three “facebook only” Max videos on our respective profiles – so if you want to see them and we haven’t invited you yet, let us know and we’ll add you to our amassing global network empire. MWAH HAH HAH!!!

(5) No new Max photos (though again, for your latest Max fixes, try facebook) save for this one… presenting the Maxwell John Villaraza Steele shrine… now showing at Lolo Manny and Lola Letty’s house!  🙂

The Shrine of Maxwell!

So I’ve gotten into the habit of taking pictures of Max as he’s meeting his various milestones, with every intention of posting them online for our family and friends to see. My downfall is the actual posting part of that equation…sorry!

Now, for your viewing pleasure, are our latest photos of Max doing what he does…

One of Max’s favorite activities of late is to kick up his legs, grab on to his toes, and swing back and forth. It’s really quite cute, and I love playing with him when he’s in toe-mode.


Max is also verbalizing a lot more – smiling, babbling, and laughing all of the time. This picture was taken in the morning when he’s happiest, hanging out with mommy in bed.


He’s also growing a strange head of hair. It’s thinned out a lot since he was born, and looks like a mohawk if you’re looking down at him from the top of his head. We call it his “Old Man Hair”.


Sometimes Max likes to cover his OMH and pretend to be someone else. Here he is as a pharoah.


We bought Max a Baby Einstein Stationary Walker for Christmas, and he’s finally able to hold himself up in it. Notice the funny mohawk hair as well.

200802076-month-poststationary-walker-1.jpg 200802076-month-poststationary-walker-2.jpg

I hope he’ll never need them, but he does look rather fetching and brilliant in mommy’s glasses.


After much encouragement from our friends, I decided to make Max homemade baby food. It’s definitely much more cost-friendly, and he is loving it. This is a picture of him eating his very first applesauce. He was a very happy boy afterwards.

applesauce! 200802076-month-posttummy-chargers.jpg

Finally, we went to the voting polls on Tuesday to vote for our democratic candidate (let’s just say that between myself, Dave, mama and Lyman, our household effectively canceled each other out). This is Max waiting for Lola to finish her ballot. He even got an “I Voted” sticker. Afterwards, we went to the Stoneridge Mall in Pleasanton, where Max enjoyed his afternoon milk.

200802076-month-postvoting-booth.jpg 200802076-month-posti-voted.jpg 200802076-month-postbottle.jpg

Happy 6-month day Max! We love you very much!

Ahhh, how time flies. Sunday is the Super Bowl, which our San Diego Chargers should be playing in. Instead, we have to sit through another NE Patriots game…all I have to say is “Go Giants!”

Speaking of the Chargers, I was browsing through our little Max movie archive, when I came across this one. We took this movie of Max on August 12, when he was just 5 days old. I think that it was the Chargers’ first pre-season game (or maybe it was the first regular season game – I’m not sure!), and the opening music was the theme from Mortal Combat. We thought that it would be fun to get Max wedded to the Chargers from the get-go.

Here is is doing his dance…Go Max, Go Max, It (was) your birthday…just five days ago…