Nope, we haven’t forgotten you all! J

It’s just been a busy set of weeks and weekends here at the Steelaraza household. By now, some of you know what happened over the past couple of weeks:

(1) Val fell down the stairs and wrenched her back. She was lying flat for a week or so, and now she’s “mostly okay”.

(2) During a 4-day trip to San Diego, while driving through LA’s 405 (I still refuse to type “THE” 405, I’m still a Northern Californian at heart) at a decent speed (about 60-70 mph) we got hit from behind. The jolt wasn’t hard (thank physics for that) and we didn’t spin out or crash (again, thank physics and the lack of rain for that). The driver in a white small SUV kept swerving and speeding, refusing our “light and honk” request to pull over to the side, so we called 911 – reported the license to the 911 dispatch, pulled off the highway and waited for about two hours for the CHP to show up and get our statement. We got an extra treat – the CHP that stopped actually wasn’t for us (but they graciously took our report anyway!), but to pull a(nother?) drunk driver off the road. They tested and cuffed him. Good!

(3) In both (1) and (2), Max was also involved and not hurt, damaged or otherwise affected by all of the craziness. He’s a lucky, durable, loveable and unflappable little boy. J

(4) Val and my online time lately has been focused on facebook. It’s basically like an “invite-only” version of friendster (i.e. only people you invite can see your full profile), but it also has these “application widgets” you can play with as well. There are now three “facebook only” Max videos on our respective profiles – so if you want to see them and we haven’t invited you yet, let us know and we’ll add you to our amassing global network empire. MWAH HAH HAH!!!

(5) No new Max photos (though again, for your latest Max fixes, try facebook) save for this one… presenting the Maxwell John Villaraza Steele shrine… now showing at Lolo Manny and Lola Letty’s house!  🙂

The Shrine of Maxwell!