March 2008

Group nostalgia is “teh awesome”.

As I mentioned earlier, Val and I have been using facebook to catch up on all those folks that we have a hard time keeping track of.

Recently, a bunch of folks from my old high school have been showing up on facebook since my 20th year high school reunion is in August. (Yes, you folks with mad math skillz can figure it out… I’m semi-officially OLD.)

But this is where the nostalgia comes in. It’s one thing to talk about the old days, but it’s something both creepy, comforting and awesome when they can SHOW you via old photographs.

Yes, I’m talking about ‘photo tagging’, an option on facebook that allows to distribute photos of people in your network that cross-reference, thus sharing the picture with your network.
So those of you wondering if I’m ever running for public office need not wonder anymore. The answer is “no”.

Here’s why: Here’s Dave, circa 1991:


And rather than pay the blackmail, I’m going to own up. That’s me on the left. 😉

(What this also shows me is that the mustache and the beard must forever be paired together if I’m ever to wield my facial hair again in public.)
Okay, and now for the totally UNRELATED Webpick of the week — a 3 year old reviews Star Wars:


Over the weekend, Ben challenged me to grow more facial hair…so we’re having a facial hair faceoff.

No pictures — right now it’s just dark scruff — but until then, here’s something to inspire us both:

…do you have your bunny at home?


Max is starting to get a bit too big for his tub in the laundry sink, so we’re probably going to have to move him over to the big boy tub sooner rather than later. For the sake of posterity, here are a few PG-rated bathtime photos of the little man.

Max LOVES taking a bath. Now that he can sit up in the tub, he’s been reaching for the faucet fixtures, which can make managing bathtime challenging.



We love our clean boy!

For the last few weeks, we’ve been actively encouraging Max to sit up on his own. When he’s laid on his back, he gets upset and frustrated very quickly, and he seems to be bored of tummy time at this point. His legs are starting to kick more and more each day, so we sense that crawling will be right around the corner (although, it may be a long corner).

For now, Max can sit for about 15 seconds at a time, and then he topples over. Here he is in his play yard, when we first sit him up…


…then 15 seconds later when he starts to fall forward.


We’ve also tried to introduce him to the kitties, and it’s only now that he’s finally starting to gain interest. We think that he sees them as his mobile and chatty stuffed animals. Here’s Peanut being subjected to Max’s little hands.


I am not a Giants fan by any stretch of the imagination (sorry Mel!), but Daddy Dave grew up watching the Giants play ball. Here’s Max’s little tip of the hat for Daddy’s favorite team (after the Padres, of course).



If the Giants can’t have a winning season, they can at least have very cute little fans.

Our friends Angie and Ricky Nierva and big sister Olivia are expecting their little one any day now. A couple of the gals and I threw a little baby shower for Angie and Olivia at the Maison de The tea house in Lafayette. It was a sweet little house with yummy tea sandwiches, delicious teas and mouthwatering sweets. Max enjoyed being indulged by his aunties as well. Here are a few photos from our day:

Auntie Ayanna, Max and I arrived a little early and set up the table. Since we’re so close to Easter, our theme was cute little chicks.

20080318showermax-at-table.jpg (more…)

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