The weather in the Bay Area has been absolutely beautiful the last few days. Yesterday, we decided to take advantage of the sunshine and we drove into the city to visit Yerba Buena Gardens. There is an adorable carousel by the Zeum at 4th and Howard, so Max had his very first carousel ride!


For a mere $3, you get two rides on the carousel! The first time, I sat on the horse with him. He seemed a bit scared at first, especially since the ride seemed to go a little fast. We were also sitting on the horse that goes up and down.


The second time around, I stood next to his horse and held him on a stationery horse, so no up and down motion. He definitely seemed to prefer this, although he still looked a bit confused as to why people hopped onto these large creatures only to go around and around in circles.


Afterwards, we went to the yummy Beard Papa across from the Metreon and had cream puffs. They offer several different flavors, so we ordered chocolate, vanilla bean, and green tea. All three were absolutely delish!


Max seemed to like the cream puffs too! šŸ™‚