Group nostalgia is “teh awesome”.

As I mentioned earlier, Val and I have been using facebook to catch up on all those folks that we have a hard time keeping track of.

Recently, a bunch of folks from my old high school have been showing up on facebook since my 20th year high school reunion is in August. (Yes, you folks with mad math skillz can figure it out… I’m semi-officially OLD.)

But this is where the nostalgia comes in. It’s one thing to talk about the old days, but it’s something both creepy, comforting and awesome when they can SHOW you via old photographs.

Yes, I’m talking about ‘photo tagging’, an option on facebook that allows to distribute photos of people in your network that cross-reference, thus sharing the picture with your network.
So those of you wondering if I’m ever running for public office need not wonder anymore. The answer is “no”.

Here’s why: Here’s Dave, circa 1991:


And rather than pay the blackmail, I’m going to own up. That’s me on the left. 😉

(What this also shows me is that the mustache and the beard must forever be paired together if I’m ever to wield my facial hair again in public.)
Okay, and now for the totally UNRELATED Webpick of the week — a 3 year old reviews Star Wars: