May 2008

Because this is too cool not to share — Fred Astaire makes Michael Jackson proud in a video mashup of “Smooth Criminal”.


Hello family, friends and fans of Max! Surprise, surprise, it’s been a long while since I’ve posted. So many things have happened with Max since my last post, including:

(1) Traveling Man

Max went on his first plane ride! My mom had been staying with us since January, but come May it was time for her to return home to Lolo. We were very lucky to have had Lola’s help during such an important time in Max’s life.

Here’s Max on the plane…looking a bit concerned, but happy nonetheless.

All that traveling tired him out, so he fell asleep on me.

We stayed in San Diego for the weekend, but all good things come to an end. Here they are at the airport before we checked in a security.

And as an aside, the SD Airport is super nice now! I’ve traveled back and forth for the last 10 years, but it’s only now that I’ve noticed all of the nice improvements they’ve made, including the new gate/terminal at the end with practically no lag time.

(2) Creepy Crawlies

Another exciting Max development is that he is starting to crawl. He was using moving along using his tummy muscles in the beginning, but now he’s gotten to the point where his knees and butt are getting him moving. Here he is with Daddy at Lolo and Lola’s house.

(3) Max has two bottom teeth!

Yes, after months of eager anticipation, our bubby finally has his first two teeth coming in. Surprisingly, he hasn’t gotten a fever, which is common with new teeth. On the downside, however, he has been crankier than normal. I guess I’d be cranky too if I had new teeth erupting through my gums.

(4) 9-month Checkup

Max had his 9 month checkup last week. He weighs in at 20 lbs, 11 oz, and is 28.75 inches long.

I knew that he was tall (70th percentile for length), but I was surprised that he didn’t weigh more. He sure feels like a 95th percentile baby! According to the baby birth chart from, he’s in the 54th percentile for weight. He was in the 75th percentile at his 6 month appointment.

I’m going to have to add more protein to his diet. Chicken and fish…here it comes!

(5) First Baseball Game

We took Max to his first baseball game, courtesy of Uncle Lyman! He was so excited to see all of the people swarming around him, and could barely contain himself in the Baby Bjorn.

By the 4th inning, however, he was passed out. He stayed asleep until the 8th inning.

(6) Go Bruins

Finally, I’ve been waiting for Max to fit into his UCLA Bruins onesie for a while now. He wore it this morning before I went to work and his nanny came over. I know that Dave is pulling for UC Davis, but I would be so happy if he decided to go to UCLA and be a Bruin.

Go Max Go! Grow Max Grow!

So… what’s new? Max hit the nine months old mark on Wednesday!!!

Yay, Maxwell!

Recent Max developmental discoveries:

1)The LOUD button on his volume control. And not just for the “I’m unhappy” voice, just for random happy babble.

2)People are cool.

So are cats!

3) He can stand with support from Mom and Dad for short periods.  He’s also an expert sitter.

4) He’s got two ridges where his lower two teeth are threatening to come out.

5) Rolling left to right is easy. Crawling forward with just your chest muscles is a great work-out, especially when you’re rewarded with the Tivo remote to gum.