This article is for the non-Facebookers out there… because for those of you already on The Face (or FB), you’ve probably heard-seen most of this stuff already.

Many of you choose to avoid the Borg-Like Collective and the Power of the Dark Side.

Those of us on Facebook… well, we miss you.  🙂

Yes, I suppose I could use non-traditional TwenCen methods to reach you… like an e-mail or a phone call.  However, the reverse applies too.

And yes, some of you have been really good about trying to keep in touch despite my more recent Heismann-like approach to most external people-objects-events distant of late.  For that, I thank you for your continued friendship even if at times I’ve been feral about keeping it real in the 94501.

Special note — If you use Skype – I sometimes have an account open in the evenings for vid-conferencing with the Santa Cruz Steeles and may be available to talk.

In my defense, one thing that I can say about a having a young family dynamic and a bone-crushing depressed economy is that it does tend to eat away at available free time.

“Free time” is now more along the lines of “sanity time” or “less productive than I could be” time.

(And I’m not re-opening the discussion of “me time”.  That unknown-double-meaning-to-me-until-I-misused-it-ha-ha-ha ship has sailed.  Seriously.)

Here’s a sample of what you can see if you join up with Facebook.