March 2012

Okay, so this isn’t the family post promised, but it has been rattling around in my head.  So … podcasts.  I listen to them.  I like them.

These days my commute is roughly an hour long each way.  So with that and a lot of lunch time on my hands, I find myself with a LOT of podcast listening time.

So here’s what I’m listening to:



First, the acquired new stuff:

Dominion Big Box –

I mentioned Dominion earlier in a previous blog, but I didn’t actually own it then. I took advantage of an Amazon gift card and picked up the big Box, which comes with the basic Dominion game, and the two expansions, Alchemy and Prosperity, and some promotional cards too. However, I haven’t settled this one down to the table yet.

Airlines Europe –

Aside from FlashPoint Fire Rescue, this is the one that I was jazzed about.