Okay, so this isn’t the family post promised, but it has been rattling around in my head.  So … podcasts.  I listen to them.  I like them.

These days my commute is roughly an hour long each way.  So with that and a lot of lunch time on my hands, I find myself with a LOT of podcast listening time.

So here’s what I’m listening to:

(yes, the links are itunes links – google these folks if you want the non-itunes feeds)…

Politics:  Rachel Maddow – while I’d characterize myself as a mixture of political thought… namely, I reject the notion of being a liberal, conservative, etc.  I find how Rachel outlines her points refreshing.  It’s usually my first 45 minutes of commute plus coffee.

Comics:  There are a few, but Comic Geek Speak and iFanboy are still the staples.  I’ve met the iFanboy guys at Wondercon last year and thanked them for making my work commute bareable, and one of them reminds me a great deal of one of the guys I play DnD with on an irregular basis.  I also listen to Fanboy Planet because (a) they handle comics and affiliated subjects on a weekly basis, and (b) they podcast out of what grew out from my old comic haunt back on Bowers and El Camino, Illusive Comics and Games (many of the staff are formerly of Brian’s Books and Cards).

Three podcasts that are loosely about comics/TV comic properties but more about the people themselves are The Uncanny X-cast, The Walking Dead Podcast, and The Ink Panthers show.  The guys at Uncanny X-cast are married dads with kids who often drift into talking about things that are NOTHING to do with the X-men (raising kids, giving college geeks relationship advice, etc.).

The guys at the Walking Dead are far less interested in being truly serious about the zombie apocalypse and more into having a good time talking about the show.  Dane’s Drunken Corner – a latest addition by the newest member – writing stuff down he’s thinking about while being drunk and watching the Walking Dead – is a great listen).  In addition, another one of the guys, Irwin, is Filipino, and I find myself being amused at being able to spot the occasional random Pinoy shout-out.  The last guy, Josh, is a local… I think he lives out in Brentwood.

Lastly, there’s the Ink Panther Show.  It’s Seinfeldian – it’s really about… well, nothing, except the lives of the two hosts.  However, one of them is Alex Robinson, who is an independent comic book writer/artist who gave us Box Office Poison, Tricked, Too Cool to Be Forgotten, and more.  He’s probably my favorite indy guy.  I met him back at ComicCon 2002 back in the day, and he drew a Sherman in my BOP book.  Very nice guy.

Board Games:  The gold standard is The Dice Tower.  Tom Vasel and Eric Summerer are excellent podcasters at the craft.  Tom has done years of gaming reviews and Eric is a trained audio book voice-actor, and I’m pretty sure I’ve heard his voice while listening to engineering Six Sigma lessons before in the past.  In addition, they also do videos of the games they review, which helps a great deal when trying to determine which games Max, Val, Lynn, Pete, myself, or the other gaming folks would be interested in playing.

Since many of the games are from Europe, getting the “local” European reviews is also illuminating, so I also listen to The Little Metal Dog show (think Monopoly pieces) too.  I also credit them with adopting “Let’s Kick this Pig!” into my vocabulary.

Lastly, there is Game Night Guys.  I just recently started listening to them – it’s two unabashed gay gentlemen playing a kitchy (usually from the 70s/80s) board game from days gone by and making fun of the experience.

Kudos to these guys – the games they play often sound hideously awful, but they make it funny to listen to, and that’s saying a lot.

So that’s what I’m listening to these days.  Anybody else have some audio wonders they want to share, put them in the comments below!  🙂