Just a FEW gaming mentionables over the last few weekends:

(1)  Last Saturday was the EndGame auction.  I put up four games for auction and sold three for some store credit.  I plan on holding onto the store credit in order to pick up the Carcassonne and 7 Wonders expansions that are coming out later this year.

I also put out a winning bid on a couple of games:


2008 Campaign Manager.  Hey, it’s a McCain vs. Obama battleground state card game?  (What could possibly go wrong?)  Even as a curiosity, the game was only $5.  So even one play, and it was worth my hard earned green.  Or red and blue states.


$how Manager – it’s a Euro game with a theme similar to NBC’s “Smash”.  (And is it wrong that every time I hear the NBC announcer say “Smash”, I add “Hulk” and an exclamation point at the end?)  In terms of the game, you are a producer.  You cast musicals and depending on your mix of characters, you gain money and prestige.  Most victory points at the end of four musicals, wins.  It’s designed by Dirk Henn, the designer of Alhambra.  I had been eyeballing it since I thought the theme plus liking the game designers other works, but it’s MSRP was $60-65.  I got a shrink wrapped, not yet cardboard-punched copy at the auction for $22.  Oh yeah, I do believe I will be attending this auction next year.  🙂


(2)  It’s that time of year again – 25-40% off items at Dr. Comics and Mister Games!  (As mentioned earlier – Saturday is traditionally the 40% daily special day for board games, but that’s not necessarily the case this time – so call them first!)