Now that I’ve brainwashed some of you folks on the recent (within the last 10-15 years) renaissance experienced in board games, I’m going to talk in annoyingly long detail about our favorite family game, Carcassonne.

For the basics, you can go here.


About the ONLY game that has more expansions than Carcassonne is Magic The Gathering. Carcassonne has an ever increasing expansion list, and many of these expansions can’t even be found in a standard US game store (local or on-line) because its manufacturing company, Hans Um Gluck, is in Germany. As such, getting the latest expansions before the US release can be an expensive challenge.

Unlike Magic the Gathering, the concept of rarity is not one of market driven scarcity, but one of “they haven’t released this in the United States yet, so where on the Earth can I buy this where the international shipping fees won’t kill my interest for this expansion set”? (Hint: Where the French hosers … uh… hose.)

But that’s why I’m here. To tell you what the Carc Maniacs over at Steelaraza like, so that you can hunt it down yourself! So if you like Carcassonne like we do, here’s how to spruce it up!

If you don’t like Carcassonne, I gotta ask: Seriously, what’s WRONG WITH YOU??? STOP READING THIS!!! Otherwise your eyes will roll-over in your skull and bad things will happen. I’ve seen it before. It’s not pretty.

Those that are interested, read on…