1)      Castles of Burgundy – This appears to be Settlers of Catan meets Alhambra, and it keeps staring at me while I’m at Barnes and Noble on my lunch break.

2)      King of Tokyo – it’s a goofy “King of the Hill” meets “Yahtzee” sort of game.  Monsters beat up each other in Tokyo.  You roll dice and can either fight other monsters, gain powers, or gain hit or victory points. Ultimately, it’s the theme that sells this one – I suspect Max would like this one.

3)      Lords of Waterdeep:  Scoundrels of Skullport – an expansion for Lords of Waterdeep.  Need I say more?

4)      Carcassonne expansions – there are still a few left that we haven’t found yet… (see previous) chief among these are Der Tunnels, which still hasn’t received a US release.  Guess I’ll be checking with my Canadian friends for this one!

5)      Agricola – While I’ve sat through multiple instructional videos on youtube, I still haven’t fully grasped Agricola yet.  I still hope to be able to learn Agricola to the point of being able to teach it to the rest of the family.  I’m hoping that the upcoming iPad adaptation may help move this forward.

Honorable Mention:  Eclipse on iOS.  While I understand how to play it already, having the iOS do the work on upkeep of things will make for a smoother experience.