So now that Valerie is more gainfully employed (yay!) I’ve been modestly knocking a few items off the game acquisitions list.

On the “buy local, but only when there’s a sale” self-mantra:  Dr Comics had another 40% off games sale on the 1st, and similarly, Black Diamond Games had a Ding and Dent sale on the 9th.  I suspect another EndGame auction will happen this year, but it’ll likely be in the spring like last year.

1)    Carcassonne Expansion Quest (Part II, go here for Part I):

I finally managed to pick up a few expansions I hadn’t managed to find elsewhere.  I picked up Carcassonne Mini Expansion (love that river tile!), Carcassonne Festival, Carcassonne: The Wheel of Fortune, Little Buildings, The Tunnels and The Plague.  The last two of these were originally promised to come out in mid-2012, but then the US distributor and the German distributor of the game expansions decided to part ways, leaving the US folks in the lurch.

Well… pbbt on that! 

I located copies of the expansions via the great community of folks at Board Game Geek, and all was well with the universe.   The rest of the expansions fall into don’t want it (Catapult) or too rare to easily acquire (Spiel stuff like Die Schule and Die Windrosen), so I think for the time being we’ve achieved Carcassonne parity with the universe.

We’ve played with the Mini, the Festival and Little Buildings so far.  They were okay, not spectacular.  I wouldn’t recommend any of these unless you’re CarcNerds like we are.  I suspect the next game we play will mix in The Tunnels and the Wheel of Fortune.

2)    Suburbia:

I discovered this game and realized that it seemed like a lighter version of Castles of Burgundy (well… okay – probably not, but I’ll stand a better chance of getting it to the table with Valerie as she likes the theme of Suburbia a lot more!) as a Euro Board Game version of SimCity with a bit of mechanics from Lords of Waterdeep/Alhambra/Eclipse thrown in.   Due to these similarities with games we’ve previously played and mutually enjoy, the rules were easy enough to attempt to tackle without too much hassle.

The game in a nutshell with other games as analogies:  While you build your “boroughs” (Alhambra-ish) to gain population, money and reputation (Eclipsian)– there are public and private goals that give you extra victory points at the end of the game (Lords of Waterdeepy).

YMMV, but watching this might help.

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