November 2013

A few weeks back, the iOS version of Agricola hit the iPad world, and I, long owning the original game and finding the manual indecipherable, was hoping that I would finally figure out how to play this game.

And to my pleasant surprise, I did. I understood the worker placement, the setting up of the engine, the multiple resources, and at last, I got the mechanics of the game.

However, before I sat down with the iPad to play this, so did Max.

And I’ll also be blunt — I’m not sure if I’m writing this because I’m impressed or terrified of his ability to understand the rules to this game. It’s a game that, right on the box, is rated 13+.

However, before you call me a bad dad for even THINKING of teaching this game to him, let me offer an explanation in my defense. While driving him to school, I let him play with my iPad. It motivates him in the morning to eat, get dressed and get a move on. Besides, if he does it in a timely fashion, he may get an extra minute or two of playing.

Aside from arm chairing when Valerie or I use our iPads, this is his ONLY game time.

So what does he do?

Over the course of a few car trips to school, he figures out how to play “daddy’s new game of Agricola”… by himself.

(Remember, I’m driving and assuming he’s playing Pitfall or Minion Rush.) (more…)


There’s has been an explosion of board game adaptations for the iOS iPad – so much so that it’s been hard not to INSTABUY them.

However, if you do NOT already own these real world board game equivalents – I will make a few suggestions – as well as call out folks that these games would be perfect for that are likely not playing these games yet. (more…)