So the first Saturday in April has been dubbed International Tabletop Day, a faux holiday in the vein of Star Wars Day (May the 4th be with you!).  I wish I could say I’m spreading the word today, but this day I’m keeping it closer to home.

However, I did get my seasonly (semi-monthly?) board game evangelism on early. Last weekend I enjoyed two rousing sets of gaming of Agricola and Suburbia with a couple of friends. I’ve raved about these games before, but this one was a bit special in that I got to teach these two games to the board game enthusiast friend who set me on my path at the tender age of five with Monopoly and later, he created variants that featured a ROAD THROUGH THE CENTER OF THE BOARD featuring our own neighborhood streets.  (This was the 80s, folks.  It was either D&D, computers or inventing your own fun.  But it was way before Monopoly ended up with 9 million other flavors, so he just had licensing lightning in a bottle and didn’t know it.)  🙂

In terms of Agricola – he enjoyed both of them, finding Agricola a little thinky (it is but it’s just so much fun, even when I lose!) and he won Suburbia handily with a series of heavy factories that easily took the other business borough and my suburbs with a bad reputation.

To them I say “Lots of fun, guys! Let’s do it again sometime!”  But in order to properly honor the ACTUAL International TableTop Day, I have a brief list of games I want to try out in 2014… (more…)