So the first Saturday in April has been dubbed International Tabletop Day, a faux holiday in the vein of Star Wars Day (May the 4th be with you!).  I wish I could say I’m spreading the word today, but this day I’m keeping it closer to home.

However, I did get my seasonly (semi-monthly?) board game evangelism on early. Last weekend I enjoyed two rousing sets of gaming of Agricola and Suburbia with a couple of friends. I’ve raved about these games before, but this one was a bit special in that I got to teach these two games to the board game enthusiast friend who set me on my path at the tender age of five with Monopoly and later, he created variants that featured a ROAD THROUGH THE CENTER OF THE BOARD featuring our own neighborhood streets.  (This was the 80s, folks.  It was either D&D, computers or inventing your own fun.  But it was way before Monopoly ended up with 9 million other flavors, so he just had licensing lightning in a bottle and didn’t know it.)  🙂

In terms of Agricola – he enjoyed both of them, finding Agricola a little thinky (it is but it’s just so much fun, even when I lose!) and he won Suburbia handily with a series of heavy factories that easily took the other business borough and my suburbs with a bad reputation.

To them I say “Lots of fun, guys! Let’s do it again sometime!”  But in order to properly honor the ACTUAL International TableTop Day, I have a brief list of games I want to try out in 2014…

1)    Rampage!


If you were a kid in the late 80s-early 90s, this is THE board game to complement the coin-op classic.

It IS Rampage the Board Game.

UPDATE:  Due to licensing issues, this game is now known as “Terror In Meeple Town!”

Here’s the basics:  You are a monster. You get victory points by knocking down buildings, throwing cars, and yes, eating meeples. You can drop your monster from a height AT the buildings. You can mount your chin (that’s YOUR chin, the one attached to your head) on top of your monster and BLOW things down with your lungs.

We already took this out as a family last Saturday and gave it a whirl. Max LOVED this game and Valerie and I enjoyed it too. But what I’m looking forward to is the matchup of “DAVE AND MAX AND UNCLE PETE”. It’s going to be epic. 🙂

Here’s a video on how the game is played.

Now the rest of these games I have yet to try, but I’m interested in seeing how they play and whether or not my friends and family are similarly interested.

2)    For the Crown

Chess is a great game. So is Dominion. For the Crown is basically both of these games smacked together. You have a king on a chessboard and so does your opponent. You can acquire cards that allow you to put other pieces (some with familiar movements, others with movements that are not traditional chess movements) out onto the chess board. Capture (not checkmate) the opponent’s king and you win.


I’m fairly sure I can get Max (who already knows the basics of chess) and probably Pete (and as a long shot, maybe even my dad since we had some epic chess games back in the day when I was a little older than Max) into this game.

It’s a two player game, so I’m also hoping Valerie might get into it, but it may be a bit more abstract than what she typically looks for in a game. Time will tell.

3)    Junk Yard Races

Another game with a simple concept. If you ever played Car Wars or Mario Kart, then you know the basics. You have a go-kart. You have to make five laps on uneven terrain. You acquire objects that give you extra bonuses (speed, armor, weapons) and you take out your fellow racers to lap to the finish line.


Another “for the boys” game, but depending on mechanics, I could also see Lynn and Val trying this one out with us.

4)    Tzolk’in

This one is another worker placement- get resources-change resources into victory points game. You are a Mayan ruler and you need all the corn/people/crystal skulls you can get your hands on. It’s also in the vein of “feed the people, get resources, get resources to gain victory points in multiple ways” that Agricola does, but there’s more – GEARS!”

The sheer beauty/functionality/timing involved with putting your works on a moving set of gears seems fascinating, so I’m thinking this will scratch my Agricola worker-placement itch when my fellow gaming relatives/family/friends are saying “let’s not play Agricola this time”.


5)    More Agricola!

Yes, I simply cannot get enough. Everyone reading this blog knows of my recent love of Agricola. I enjoy the board game and the iOS implementation.  However, the current iOS version ONLY has the EIK cards of the “basic” (I put “basic” in quotes because the basic game is pretty darn big).

I’ve also managed to acquire more expansion decks that add more occupations and minor improvements (Gamer’s Deck, Pi Deck, World Championship Deck) as well as the “big expansion”, Farmers of the Moor, which includes fuel, special actions, and horses!  Whoo!  16th Century farming has never been so awesome!


I’ll likely be looking for more players/opponents/victims to try out these expansions soon.  🙂

Honorable Mentions:

6)    Compounded

It’s mixing manufactured chemicals (no, not for reals). What could possibly go wrong?

7)    Police Precinct

1st edition is out of print, 2nd edition is in kickstarter-wait-and-see stages. It’s FlashPoint Fire Rescue co-operative style play but this time you’re police keeping the city streets safe from thugs and solving a murder before rounds/time runs out.

Special thanks, as always, to the wonderful website for most of the images and videos.

Lastly, if you are reading this on April 5th, there are a lot of ongoing sales at your local and online stores today, so if any of these games sound fun, think about pulling the trigger and pulling up some cardboard!   🙂