These are the hangers-on. All gamers have them, and often refer to this list as a “shame list”. These are games that were purchased with the full intent of playing them at a table, but for whatever reason, they haven’t made it to the table. I haven’t given up on any of them, and I have excuses … ummm…REASONS for why this is the case!

(1) Battlestar Galactica/Dead of Winter

(2) Road to Enlightenment

(3) $how Manager

(4) NetRunner

(5) Castles of Burgundy/Canterbury

(6) Nothing Personal

(7) Ora Et Labora

(8) Police Precinct

(9) Spyfall

(10)Ca$H N Guns!


All of these games have one major issue – I haven’t played them yet myself. So teaching them to other people becomes a challenge. And some of them have daunting manuals.


Games in the 1,2,4 and 7 slots have at least 24-32 page of manual(s) – yes, some games have the “plural” of manual. However, most of them require the right group of people – those that will not only “get” the game but actually WANT to play it!



More specifically, however…