Valerie and Dave recently tied the knot – May 26, 2006 to be exact – and are now continuing their cyberspace journey together. We hope you enjoy…

Will you marry me???

Rather than try to come up with something nice, shiny, and new, here’s a blurb about us pulled from our wedding website (with updates where appropriate)

Here’s Valerie!

I am a real estate broker with Better Homes Realty in Emeryville. I was born in Hawaii, did much moving before the age of nine with my navy family, eventually settled and grew up in San Diego, and now call the Bay Area home. I spent the better part of the 90’s attending UCLA for my undergraduate degree and law school. After a brief stint as an attorney, I became a real estate broker and now co-own a Better Homes Realty franchise. I love my work – there’s nothing better than handing someone their keys on the day escrow closes and seeing the happiness on their face.

When I’m not trying to sell real estate, I’m puttering around the kitchen (or at least reading a cookbook), watching the Rick Steves travel shows, and planning our next great adventure.

Here’s Dave!

Dave is a photolithography engineer by training, and currently works as a manufacturing yield engineer in the automotive industry. He was born in Santa Cruz, and for the first 18 years of his life called Santa Cruz home. He went to UC Davis for his engineering degree, and upon graduation was faced with the decision to either go to graduate school for a masters in engineering, or join the working world. He opted for the latter, and began his career at Advanced Micro Devices (AMD). After 10 years with the Silicon Valley chip manufacturer, he left and joined Perkin Elmer in Santa Clara. He left Perkin Elmer in 2005 to join Systron Donner Automotive in Concord, where he is a manufacturing yield engineer.

In his non-professional life, Dave aspires to own his own comic book shop, host a weekly comic podcast with his good friend Lorin, and wishes that the world was based on a Mac OS platform (whatever that means…).

We moved to our new home in Alameda over two years ago and love it here! We share our lovely abode with our two sweet kitties, Snickers and Peanut and most recently, our little son Maxwell.

We adopted both of our kitty babies – Snickers is a gray tabby, and Peanut is an orange tabby. Serious karaoke freaks, we have both a Magic Mike (Microphone) and Playstation Karaoke Revolution (I, II and III). If we sing too loud, the kitties will run away in fear while Maxwell gurgles in synch with us.

Aside from our kitty-love, we also hope to win the lottery so that we can travel the globe without a care in the world.

Snickers Peanut  


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