Thanks for visiting my webpage!  I’d like to acknowledge our family and friends who have already visited me…

cute face 1

Thanks for visiting me, Uncle Matt!


Thanks for watching over me while Mommy and Daddy are busy, Uncle Lyman!


Hi Auntie Molly!


Hi Grandma!


Hi Grandpa!


Hi Auntie Paige!

Aunt Paige!

Hi Lola!


Hi Lolo!

Lolo and Max

 Hi Uncle Glenn!


Hi Uncle Ben!


Hi Auntie Ayanna!  (or should I call you Dr. Bennett?  I can’t figure that part out yet…)


Hi Uncle Aris and Auntie Jen!


Hi Auntie Kristin!

Auntie Kristin!

ooo!  I like older ladies!  Hi Belly!


Hi Uncle Ian!


Hi Auntie Marj!

Marge and max

Hi Uncle Miguel!

Miguel and max

Hi Auntie Naomi!

Naomi and Max

Hi Uncle Pete and Uncle Ryan!

 Pete and Ryan and Max

Hi Auntie Leila and Uncle John!

Leila John and Max

I finally met my Auntie Lyn on November 1! Thank you for visiting!

max & auntie lyn 

Hi Ninang Katrina! My mommy & daddy loved the cupcakes (I did too!)


Hi Auntie Chanda and Happy Birthday!


Hi Auntie Herna and Uncle Scott…you guys are funny.


Hi Auntie Mar! We have matching outfits!


Hi Auntie Mel!  You make me laugh!


You might wonder — how do I get all these wonderful family and friends to visit me? 

The answer is simple!  I have hypnotic powers of persuasion!  Gaze deeply into my eyes!


Mommy and Daddy helped me with this webpage, so I suppose I should thank them too!


Thanks for visiting!!!  Hope to meet you in person and I will add you to my webpage!


4 Responses to “Maxwell’s House”

  1. MizAnni Says:

    Darn you for being such a cutie, Maxwell!!! I haven’t been up to visit yet ‘cuz I know the first few months are really rough for new mommies and daddies, but I do wanna meet you! I’ll keep you and your parents in my prayers and hope to meet you sometime in the next couple of months. Keep the pictures coming, babycakes!!

  2. chris Says:

    awww…how sweet is he?? i can’t wait to meet my godson!!

  3. Cuz'n War Says:

    ANG CUTE NA CUTE NAMAN!!! Sorry I haven’t been by but soon. MISS YOU CHIMAY AND DAVE!!!
    cuz’n/ate/kuya/tita warren (pick one..i go by all of them…hehehe)

  4. Great Aunt Sharon Says:

    We will get there eventually…Your Grandpa keeps us posted….I miss having babies around so Max will have to take their place….GAS…Not sure I like that acronym

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