Our TRIP! We’re heading on a cruise to the Nordic Countries later in 2015! The trip will start in London, go over a wide range of stops in the north from Dover to Dover, and the trip will conclude in Paris!

Watching Max grow! Max’s intelligent and sharp observations about his day, life, and the universe are really something. His latest kid obsessions are Minecraft and his new Linux Lego-Guide-Simple-To-Build Kano computer. Once he clears the Kano blocks, I suspect he’ll be programming in python in short order.

New stores nearby! Both Safeway and The Habit are coming to Alameda Landing, which is within a long walking distance of our Bayport community…Safeway is, well, Safeway. But it’ll make getting the essentials a LOT easier than driving to the other side of the island to get them. The Habit is my “mid-range burger joint” (above FiveGuys and InNOut, to be sure) – their mocha shake is great as is the BBQ Charburger.

The EndGame Café! I love the idea of a eat-n-hang out board game area.  Additionally, I may be able to learn the rules of stuff I already have… and that leads me to…

Learning about games I already own! Caverna, Castles of Burgundy, Show Manager and Junkyard Racers, I’m looking at you!

Drooling Over Games I want to own! Xia: Legends of a Drift System, Dead of Winter and Police Precinct, I’m looking at you!

Looking at Board Games coming to iOS that I’m interested in! Galaxy Trucker and Twilight Struggle, I’m looking at you!

and other stuff in the works! As Max would say, 2015 is going to be “epically awesome”!

Yee hah!



That’s the sound of me blowing the dust off this blog.

I noticed that the www.steelaraza.com link was dead a few days.  It’s since been renewed. 

Lately, family updates can be found over at Valerie’s profile over at facebook.com.  There’s a number of Max shots and a couple of new videos too.

There’s also been a slew of Soquel High reunion photos out there as well.  I had a great time, as evidenced by the following:

dave the laughin fool

This is why I'll never be in politics...

I only wish I could remember what the heck was THAT funny.

First, a few animated videos of the Ramones.  My favorite is, of course, the Legos version of the Ramones signing “Spider-Man”, even if the video seems to be out of focus.

Secondly, I saw this and realized its sheer insanity and genius all at once.  For this — a hearty salute and a warning — I hereby present RPS-101 (RPS=Rock, Paper, Scissors, and now 98 other options).  I remember adding bombs and falling buildings as a kid, but never went past… oh, eight or so options… these folks go beyond anything considered… uh, normal.

Lastly, sorry for the lack of activity on the site.  I need to get my hands on Val’s laptop sometime — that’s where all the good Max stuff gets transferred to!  That said, for our friends on Facebook, I believe Val added a new video of Max within the last week or so… 🙂